Beauty Apprenticeship Program Overview

J.D. Body Treats is a Bronx-based Self-Care Boutique specializing in skincare, personal care, and home goods hand made by ourselves and other small minority & women-owned businesses. We are seeking to teach and inspire future entrepreneurs, production managers, marketers, and sales persons through our 12-week Beauty Apprenticeship program.

Our program focuses on the professional development of high school seniors, college students, & recent graduates by offering them work-based learning, training, and mentorship. The Beauty Apprenticeship Program enables a group of carefully selected apprentices to learn and work alongside our team with the purpose of helping them to build confidence and acquire a variety of valuable skills, further increasing their employability, entrepreneurial capabilities, and chances of success. The program is excellent for young adults to gain real work experience in the fields of Beauty/Cosmetics, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship, and so much more.

Apprentices get the chance to join our intelligent, hardworking, and fun team and learn about a rapidly expanding beauty brand, the ins and out of self-care, and what it takes to efficiently run and manage a small business. We are currently offering apprenticeship in the fields of Retail Sales /E-Commerce, Events & PR, Executive Assistance/Management, Product Development & Marketing. The internship roles support our CEO, Store Manager, and Executive Assistant. 

Program Duration: Part-time, Minimum 12 Weeks

* Minimum 15hrs weekly*

Internship Fields

Retail Sales/E-commerce

Interns will learn, assist, and develop skills relating to inventory management, sales data, website management, client relations/communication, email marketing, order fulfillment, ads, digital operations, and more. Ideal for candidates interested in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, retail management, customer service and other related career fields 

Events & Public Relations

Interns will learn, assist, and develop skills relating to event planning & coordination, publicity campaigns, presentations, press packages, outreach, relationship facilitation, influencer marketing, Researching /brainstorming campaign event pitches, strategies, and popup shop events. Ideal for candidates interested in the fields of event planning, public relations, marketing, communications, media relations, sales and other related fields. 

Executive Assistance & Management

Interns will learn, assist, and develop skills relating to administrative duties, database management, human resources, schedule maintenance, project management, correspondence, client & business relationship management, task management, and  business logistics and support. Ideal for candidates interested in the fields of office management, administrative assistance, entrepreneurship, human resources, project management, personal assistance, customer service and other related fields. 

Product Development & Marketing

Interns will learn, assist, and develop skills related to creating and formulating new products, brand development, social media marketing, packaging prototyping, store marketing materials, creative development, research, and so much more. Ideal for candidates interested in the fields of project management, product engineering, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, and more.

Internship Benefits

  • Entry-Level Experience & Learning Opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion
  • School/College Credit if Applicable
  • Resume Assistance Upon Program Completion

  • Product Discounts & Giveaways
  • Letter of Recommendations Upon Request
  • Opportunities to Network 
  • Fun Events & Team Building Activities

*Our Beauty Apprenticeship Program is unpaid however college credit is available upon request.*

This Internship Is For You If....

  • You would like to further develop professionally and learn new skills
  • You are a reliable, trustworthy, enthusiastic, hardworking, and friendly individual eager to learn and support our team! 
  • You would enjoy working in a beautiful, fun, and relaxing environment.
  • You're interested in entrepreneurship, beauty/cosmetics, retail, or any of the following internship areas...
  • You are 17 years of age or older

* Program Duration Requirements:  Minimum of 12 Weeks*