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Self-Care Sunday Yoga

Self-Care Sunday Yoga

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When there are so many demands in our daily lives and we're continuously pushed towards perfection and productivity, yoga can be the self-caring and nurturing way in which we learn to look after our mind, bodies, and souls. 

Practicing yoga can help calm your nerves, ease your mind, relax your body, improve sleep, and raise your vibrations. It allows you to connect with yourself, be present, build confidence, and ease the symptoms accompanying depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments.

Join our beginner and budget-friendly yoga classes during our Self-care Sundays at our Melrose Boutique.

*limited space available* 

Things to bring:

Yoga Mat

Comfortable clothing

Things we provide:

Water & Refreshments

Extra Yoga Mats (if you forget yours)


Positive Vibes & A Safe Space

*Tickets are non-refundable If you do not show up for the class you have the chance to apply it to one future yoga class once.*

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