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Detoxifying Salts With Essential Oils

Relax and soak in our signature Lush Lavender Rose bath salts. A seemingly magical combination of pink Himalayan Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, dried Roses, and Lavender buds. This combo is packed with tones of minerals and healing properties that will leave you feeling calm, soothed, and cleansed. Infused with 100% pure organic Lavender and Geranium Rose Essential oils, these salts provide a beautifully floral therapeutic aroma. 

Benefits: Detoxifies ✻ Cleanses✻ Relieves Pain ✻ Aroma Therapy ✻ Balances Hormones

Use: For all skin types

Directions:  Pour a hand full or two of bath salts into warm bath water once tub is halfway filled to desired level. Allow the water to continue to run and give bath salts at least 1 minute to dissolve then relax, unwind, and enjoy your luxury experience. 

Key Ingredients

Image result for dead sea saltsDead Sea Salt - Magnesium-rich Dead Sea salts replenish 21 essential minerals in our bodies including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. They are known for their skin healing and cleansing properties.

Image result for pink himalayan salt  Pink Himalayan Salt  - Contains 84 trace minerals and a unique ionic energy that is released once the salt mixes with water. This salt is known to detoxify the body, balance hormones, improves energy, promotes relaxation

Related imageLavender Essential Oil -  Lavender has a calming floral scent and is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, relieve pain, improve circulation, and treat various skin disorders (acne, eczema, etc.).

Related imageGeranium Rose Essential oil - Used by Egyptians for hundreds of years, Geranium Rose is known for treating acne, reducing inflammation, anxiety relief, and hormonal balance. 


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