About Melalove

MelaLove is a family owned skincare business run by 11-year old entrepreneur Jayla McNiel who started with the support of her family after discovering her passion for beauty products at a very young age. She realized that many of the products she bought lacked representation of young black little girls like herself so she wanted to make a brand for melanated girls like her so they can also feel beautiful. Melalove has become more than a brand it’s a life style.

Meet The Team

Meet Trina, MelaLove’s COO. Trina’s role on our team is to oversee and coordinate all operations from product inventory, to events, community outreach, and sales. Trina’s message to all little melanated girls “My message....... I want melinated girls around the world to believe that they are enough!!! Intelligent enough, sufficient enough and strong enough to reach their goals. Expect greatness and deliver nothing less than your very best.”
Meet Niesha,  MelaLove’s Brand Experience Manager. Niesha’s role on our team includes assisting with set-up, sales, and client experience at our pop up events as well as client relationship management. Niesha’s message to all little melanated girls is “ Seek to be as beautiful within as you aspire to be on the outside".
Meet Gigi, MelaLove’s E-commerce Marketing /Production Manager and my awesome big sister-cousin. Gigi is the brains, beauty, and talent behind our parent company J.D. Body Treats. Gigi and her JDBT team formulates and hand-makes all of our amazing beauty products with OUR skin in mind. She also creates and oversees the e-commerce website , public relations, and marketing/social media efforts. Her message to all little melanated girls is “NEVER give up. You can achieve all that you can imagine and more because there is NOTHING you can’t do as long as you make an effort”