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We connect small business owners with thousands of our customers yearly! See if you qualify!

*This page is for in-store vendor applicants ONLY. We are currently accepting registration. Please carefully read through this page before applying to vend with us.*

 At J.D. Body Treats we are passionate about empowering small businesses and providing our community with quality goods made for us, by us. We aspire to bridge the gap between small minority owned business owners and consumers. Through our consignment business model, we provide opportunities for businesses to sell their products to new customers with out taking huge financial losses such as with larger retailers. Our loyal customers enjoy discovering and supporting amazing brands made with love.

Does Your Business Qualify?

Here is what we're looking for 👀....

  • You must have a well presented and established product based brand 

  • You brand must have an online presence via social media, a website, Etsy, or any other online platform

  • You must have a consistent supply chain in order to accommodate upfront inventory requests

  • You must be ambitious, ready to grow your product based business, & acquire new clientele

Is your business ready to join J.D. Body Treats? If, so submit a vendor application. 

*Due to a high level of applications submitted, please allow time for us to thoroughly review your application. 


What is Consignment?

Consignment is a business arrangement in which a seller places their products in  a shop with the agreement that the shop will pay the seller an agreed upon rate for  the items sold to customers. Consignment allows small businesses to not only place their merchandise in a brick & mortar store but also gain additional exposure to the buying market. 

Why Consign With Us?

  • Have your products sold in a popular luxury boutique 

  • We market your product to our new and existing customers

  • Gain loyal Customers from Shoppers who discover your brand through our stores

  • Get Monthly Payouts For Your Products Sold In Store

  • Low Minimum Supply Quantities

  • Become A Part of Our Vendor Network & Get Free Entry To Our Small Business Events 

How Do I Get My Items To You?

There are 2 easy options to consign.

1) Drop off items for consignment at our Third Avenue Boutique (3052 Third Ave) (open 6 days a week between 10am and 8pm) 

2) Ship your items to us

What Will I Earn?

Our vendors earn the agreed upon wholesale price for each of their items we sell. The wholesale price of a product is typically 50% of it's retail price.  

(For example: If you sell bracelets for $15 and we agree that your wholesale price  for them is $7.50, when we sell your bracelets we pay you $7.50 for each one sold)

When do i get paid?

Commissions are issued on the first business day of each month for items sold during the month prior. Please let us know your preferred method of payment. (Zelle, Paypal, Cashapp etc.)

What is the length of the consignment period?

Consignment periods are 90 days. At the end of 90 days, you may request to have any unsold items returned or discuss possibly extending the consignment period further.  

If you request your items back earlier than the 90 day period, you will be subjected to a $3 per item removal fee + Shipping costs.
Vendor Application

Please note: Applying does not guarantee you will vend with us. All applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Once reviewed, we will reach out to you with a denial or approval email. If you have any questions, please email us at contact@jdbodytreats.com We look forward to viewing your application.*If you are not chosen to vend with us this time around you may have the opportunity to vend with us again in the future so please do not be discouraged to apply  again.




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