Our Values

J.D. Body Treats is a company with practices driven by our core values and ethics.

Quality Ingredients: We pledge to do our very best in providing high-quality non-toxic ingredients.  Each ingredient is carefully sourced and sought after in order to ensure their authenticity and effectiveness. Our luxury bath, body, and home products contain rich oils and fragrances that improve the overall wellness of the skin and therapeutic aromas that put the mind at ease.

Luxury Customer Experience: We pride ourselves in continuously providing our customers with a luxurious and pampered experience. With each product being individually handcrafted, no two products are exactly the same. We create and ship each item with the intention of making each customer feel like they're receiving a special treat. 

    Honesty & Transparency: It’s a wonderful feeling knowing exactly what is in the products you are putting on your skin and absorbing into your body which is why we truthfully list ingredients used in our products. Because we are an in-home family owned business, we are readily able to provide accurate and precise details in regards to our production practices and materials sourcing to those who wish to inquire.
    Local/Small Business Support: J.D. Body Treats strives to source materials from businesses in our community. As for materials that aren’t available locally, we attempt to source from small businesses around the world. We do this in order to support local and small businesses.