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Balance & Glow Illuminating Body Oil✨

Balance & Glow Illuminating Body Oil✨

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Balance & Glow Oil is a nutrient-rich skin softening body oil formulated with hydrating natural ingredients which dramatically enhances skin health. 

  • Deeply Hydrates & Nourishes
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Skin Type: All 
  • Evens Skin Ton
  • Repairs  Blemishes & Scars
  • Contains Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Hand Crafted With Care
  • Ships Within 3-7 Business Days

Product Details

This magic potion is suitable for all skin types. So whether you've got dry skin or oily, sensitive or combination, Balance & Glow Oil has got you covered!

Skin & Body Benefits

  • Hydration Boost: Deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Tension Relief: Eases tension and relaxes sore muscles
  • Nourishing Blend: Enriched with a blend of natural oils that nourish and rejuvenate your complexion

Aromatherapy Benefits

  • Uplifting: Lemon essential oil promotes a sense of joy and positivity, contributing to an uplifting mood.
  • Balancing: The fragrance, with soft honey blossoms and warm citrus blends, helps create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.
  • Joyful: The aromatic properties contribute to an overall feeling of joy, enhancing your emotional well-being.
  • Energizing: The invigorating scent of the Glow Butter, infused with lemon and other oils, provides an energy boost to uplift your spirits.

Scent Description

A symphony of delicate honey blossoms meets the warmth of sunny citrus blends in this enchanting fragrance. Infused with the soothing notes of Echinacea blooms, the scent is further enriched by ribbons of vanilla and honeycomb, creating a composition that wraps your senses in sheer delight. The addition of lemon essential oil adds a zesty and uplifting twist to this harmonious bouquet, creating a truly inviting and comforting aroma.


Sunflower Oil

Improves Dry Skin Conditions

Jojoba Oil

Moisturizes skin and promotes health.

Turmeric Powder

Lightens Scars & Blemishes

Lemon Essential Oil

It refreshes, cleanses, and uplifts.

How TO Use

Room Temp Use:
Shake well before use. Pump oil into hand and gently massage a few drops directly onto skin using even motions.Areas of Use: Full Body, Lightly On Face.Hot Oil Massage Use:Warm the Oil: Submerge the tightly closed bottle in hot water for a few minutes to heat the oil. Alternatively, place the bottle in a bowl of hot water.Check Temperature: Before applying to the skin, ensure the oil is comfortably warm, avoiding excessive heat.Dispense and Massage: Open the bottle and dispense the warm oil into your hands. Begin massaging onto the skin using slow, sensual strokes.Caution: Be mindful of the oil's temperature to prevent discomfort. If too hot, allow it to cool slightly before application. Always test on a small area first.


If you’re unsure about your skin’s reaction to certain oils, it’s always best to do a patch test first before covering your entire body.


Q: Can I use this body oil on sensitive skin?
Yes, our body oil is crafted with skin-friendly ingredients, but it's always recommended to perform a patch test before use.
Q: How often should I use this body oil?
For optimal results, use it daily as part of your skincare routine, or indulge in a relaxing massage as needed.
Q: Can I apply this oil on my face?
This oil is safe for very light facial use ideally on combination and dry skin. 
Q: How should I store the body oil?
A: Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to maintain its quality.

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Enhance your glow from the outside in! 🌟

Infused with turmeric, lemon,-and jojoba oil, it gives skin a radiant glow, reduces blemishes, and uplifts your mood and energy with it's aromatherapy properties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Maria J

It’s feels very light not greasy or heavy and has a very light fragrance which I am excited about. It absorbed quickly into my skin and left a light sparkle behind it. You may think the sparkles would be a bit overwhelming but it’s just enough. The oil gave me very soft and nourished skin. I tend to have dry skin and my skin sucked it up in 5 seconds!

If you want to add a little glitz to your moisturizing game add this to your collection. It gives your skin a twilight glow and sparkle!

Lia Q
Love it,use it every day.

My skin is very dry. This is great everywhere.

Karley W

…It leaves a sexy glow. Would definitely recommend.

Jaslyn Z
Elegant shimmer

Love this! Beautiful shimmer and scent. Be careful with white clothes though, there was some transfer

Kaitlynn Z
Sophisticated shimmer

I adore all of J.D. Body Treats products and was delighted with the slight shimmer that this oil leaves on your skin. It's not overdone. Just enough shimmer in the sunlight to make people wonder, "Hey? Is she/he sparkling?" And the scent, so relaxing!