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Large Amethyst Crystal Heart
"I am safe."
✨Amethyst Crystal recognized for its soothing energy, makes it a popular choice for meditation and relaxation and is believed to have healing properties that alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil.


Enhances Intuition & Psychic Abilities

Spiritual Protection

Emotional Healing & Balance
Peace & Tranquility
  • Ethically Sourced

  • Hand Crafted With Love & Care

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Product DETAILS 

More About Amethyst
Spiritual Connection: Amethyst facilitates spiritual growth and connection to higher consciousness.
Stress Relief: Known for its calming properties, Amethyst helps alleviate stress and anxiety.
Healing Energy: Amethyst is associated with physical and emotional healing, supporting overall well-being.
Promotes Sleep: Placing Amethyst in your space may enhance the quality of sleep and promote vivid dreams.
Intuition Enhancement: Amethyst activates the third eye chakra, sharpening intuition and psychic abilities.
Balances Emotions: This crystal brings emotional balance, fostering a sense of tranquility and inner harmony.
Aids in Meditation: Amethyst is an ideal companion for meditation, promoting a calm and focused mind.
Protection: Amethyst is believed to provide spiritual protection, creating a shield against negative energies.

Other Details

  • (1) Stone
  • Our crystals are ethically sourced from trusted vendors and tested for authenticity.
  • Size: 2.4" in Wide
  • Being that these stones are natural they appear in different shapes colors, and sizes

Mantras & Affirmations 🗣️

Affirmations To Recite

  • ""I am surrounded by the soothing energy of Amethyst, bringing divine tranquility into my space."
  • "I invite healing and serenity into my heart."
  • I am guided to a place of healing, calm, and divine connection."
  • "As I light this candle, I open myself to the deep healing and calm."
  • "Divine energy flows through me, and tranquility fills my sacred space."
  • "I am grounded, healed, and enveloped in serene calm."
  • "I am divinely healed, at peace, and protected."
  • "I am safe."
  • "I am a beacon of strength, surrounded by the protective and healing energies."

Ways To use Your Crystal

For Meditation and Visualization:

  • Hold the amethyst tumbled stone in your hand during meditation to enhance spiritual awareness.

Sleep Aid:

  • Place the tumbled stone under your pillow to promote restful sleep, protection, from nightmares, and vivid dreams.

For Decor & Ambiance

: Display amethyst stones in your living or work space for a touch of natural beauty and positive energy.

Chakra Balancing: 

Use amethyst to balance and activate the crown chakra for improved spiritual connection.


Share the positive energy by gifting amethyst stones to friends and loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do crystals actually work?
A: Energy Alignment: Every crystal has a unique vibrational frequency. When these crystals come into contact with a person, they can align or interact with the body's energy field, chakras, or subtle energy centers. This alignment is thought to promote balance and healing.

Piezoelectric Effect: Some crystals, including quartz, exhibit the piezoelectric effect. This means that when pressure is applied to them, they generate an electric charge. In the context of crystal healing, this property influences the body's energy fields.

Intent and Focus: Another perspective is that the power of crystals is tied to the intentions and beliefs of the individual using them. Practitioners often engage in rituals or meditation while holding or placing crystals, directing their thoughts and intentions toward specific outcomes such as healing, protection, or spiritual growth.

Symbolism and Archetypes: Crystals are also associated with specific symbols, colors, and archetypal energies in various cultural and spiritual traditions. It is believed that these associations contribute to the unique properties and effects attributed to each crystal.

Q: Are crystals evil?
A: No, crystals are not inherently evil. Similarly to how a knife can be used for both cutting fruit and as a weapon, the essence lies in the intention of the person using the tool. Crystals are natural formations from the Earth, carrying the elemental essence of their origin. Much like a room holding energy or the distinct energy of an animal, crystals are neutral and take on the energy and intention bestowed upon them by the user.

Q: How can I program my crystal for a specific intention?
A: Hold the crystal in your hand, focus on your intention, and visualize the stone absorbing and amplifying that intention.

Crystal Care & Maintenance

- Smudging with sage or palo santo
- Rinsing under running water
- Burying in sea salt for a few hours

-Exposing to sunlight or moonlight
-Placing on a selenite charging plate

- Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals
- Clean with a soft cloth
- Store separately to prevent scratches

See Disclaimer

The detail provided about crystal is for information purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, nor prevent any diseases. While our products are designed to enhance energies, they are not a substitute for medical care. Results are based on faith, and individual experiences may vary.

J.D. Body Treats holds no legal responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from the use of our products. Your purchase indicates agreement with the provided terms.

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