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Love & Affection - Aphrodisiac Massage Oil

Love & Affection - Aphrodisiac Massage Oil

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Perfect for a romantic evening, or treating your self to some much needed TLC, this aphrodisiac massage oil enhances deep intimate feelings of love and connection with your partner or self. 

  • Deeply Hydrates & Nourishes
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Skin Type: All 
  • Enhances Feelings of Intimacy & Connection
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Contains Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Hand Crafted With Care
  • Ships Within 3-7 Business Days

Product Details

Embrace the magic of connection with our Love & Affection Aphrodisiac Massage Oil. For those who seek to love deeply, connect soulfully, and experience passionately.
Unleash the power of touch and ignite the spark of desire. This sensual concoction is your secret weapon for turning ordinary evenings into unforgettable, intimate experiences.

Solo-use Benefits

  • Deep Hydration: Sweet almond oil and aloe vera oil deeply moisturize and nourish the skin.
  • Balancing and Soothing: Lavender and geranium essential oils have calming and balancing properties.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Sunflower oil and grapeseed oil provide antioxidant protection for the skin.
  • Aphrodisiac Essence: Fragrance oil, rose absolute, and jasmine flowers create a sensual and alluring atmosphere.
  • Softening and Smoothing: The luxurious blend leaves the skin soft, smooth, and irresistibly touchable.

Couple Benefits

  • Enhanced Intimacy: The exotic blend of jasmine, rose absolute, and other essential oils creates a romantic atmosphere, fostering emotional closeness between partners.
  • Stress Relief: Lavender and geranium essential oils have soothing properties, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, setting the stage for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Mood Elevation: Aromatherapy can positively impact mood, and the carefully selected scents in this massage oil may elevate feelings of joy and connection.
  • Sensory Stimulation: The aromatic combination stimulates the senses, heightening awareness and intensifying the overall sensory experience during massage.
  • Aphrodisiac Essence: Certain essential oils, like jasmine and rose absolute, have aphrodisiac properties, enhancing desire and passion between partners.

Scent Description
The enticing blend unfolds with the sweet and delicate notes of rose tea and peony, creating an atmosphere of romance and allure. The subtle hints of Ylang Ylang and Geranium add a floral symphony, promoting a sense of love and emotional well-being. Let the fragrance envelop you in a warm embrace, transforming any space into a sanctuary of tranquility and intimacy.


Jasmine Flowers

Setting a romantic tone for couples

Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Soothes irritated skin and reduces redness

Aloe Oil

Deeply hydrates the skin

Sunflower Oil

Improves Dry Skin Conditions

Grape Seed Oil

Prevents/reduces hyper-pigmentation


Room Temp Use:

Dispense Desired Amount: Start by dispensing the desired amount of 40 Shades of Choke Aphrodisiac Massage Oil into the palms of your hands.Warm Between Palms: Rub your hands together briskly to generate heat and warm the oil. This helps enhance the aromatic experience.Apply Gently: Begin massaging the oil onto the skin with slow, gentle strokes. Focus on areas with tension or desired relaxation.Relax and Enjoy: Allow the oil to absorb into the skin, providing a soothing and moisturizing sensation. Relax and enjoy the sensual fragrance.

Hot Oil Use:

Warm the Oil: Submerge the tightly closed bottle in hot water for a few minutes to heat the oil. Alternatively, place the bottle in a bowl of hot water.Check Temperature: Before applying to the skin, ensure the oil is comfortably warm, avoiding excessive heat.Dispense and Massage: Open the bottle and dispense the warm oil into your hands. Begin massaging onto the skin using slow, sensual strokes.Sensual Experience: The warmed oil adds a heightened sensory experience to massage, promoting relaxation and intimacy.

Caution: Be mindful of the oil's temperature to prevent discomfort. If too hot, allow it to cool slightly before application. Always test on a small area first.

*Warning*:This oil is for external use only, do not use as lubricant. Patch test on extra sensitive skin.


Q: Do I have to have a partner to use this oil?
Absolutely not! While it's perfect for couples looking to enhance their intimate moments, this oil can also be a delightful self-care experience. Treat yourself to a sensual solo massage, embrace it as a moisturizer, or use it as a captivating scent to attract potential mates.

Q: What makes the Love & Affection Massage Oil an aphrodisiac?

A: The oil features a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients known for their aphrodisiac properties, such as lavender, rose, and geranium essential oils, which create a sensual and intimate ambiance.Q: How does it work on a chemical level to enhance romance?
A: The essential oils in this blend interact with the limbic system, triggering the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. This physiological response fosters a heightened sense of intimacy and connection between partners.

Q: Is the aphrodisiac effect immediate upon application?
A: The oil works by creating a relaxing and sensual atmosphere, and the onset of its effects may vary. It's recommended to use in a calm and comfortable environment to fully experience its aphrodisiac qualities.

Q: Can I use this oil daily, or is it meant for special occasions?
A:  Use it as often as desired to enhance intimacy and create unforgettable moments or wear it daily as a perfume oil or moisturizer.Whether for a special occasion or daily self-care, the Love & Affection Massage Oil enhances the overall well-being of both partners.Q: What are some other ways to use this oil besides massage?A: Get creative! Use it as a moisturizer after a shower, apply a small amount as a pulse-point perfume for a subtle, alluring scent, or incorporate it into your self-love routine .

Q: Can this massage oil be used on sensitive skin?
Yes, our massage oil is crafted with skin-friendly ingredients, but it's always recommended to perform a patch test before use.

Q: Can I use this massage oil for a full-body massage?
Absolutely, our Aphrodisiac Massage Oil is designed for a luxurious and sensual full-body massage experience however it is for external use only.

Q: Is it suitable for all genders?
Yes, our massage oil is crafted to enhance intimacy for individuals of all genders.

Q: Can this massage oil be used with massage tools?
Yes, it can be used with various massage tools for an enhanced sensory experience.

Q:How do I ensure the oil enhances the romantic atmosphere?
A: To create a romantic ambiance, we suggest using the Love & Affection Massage Oil in a dimly lit room, play soft music, and take your time with the massage. The key is to foster a relaxed and intimate setting for both partners to enjoy.

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Love & Affection - Aphrodisiac Massage Oil

Embrace the magic of connection with our Love & Affection Aphrodisiac Massage Oil. For those who seek to love deeply, connect soulfully, and experience passionately.

Unleash the power of touch and ignite the spark of desire. This sensual concoction is your secret weapon for turning ordinary evenings into unforgettable, intimate experiences. 

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