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Natural Soothing Chafing Prevention & Relief Cream

Our nutrient-rich plant-based formula contains organic oils and butters that dramatically enhances skin health.


✻ Relief From Chafing Discomfort 

✻ Chafing Prevention 

✻ Moisturizes & Softens Skin

✻ Lightens Dark Spots & Hyper-pigmentation

Skin Type: For all skin types

To Use:  Great for daily use. Scoop a small amount out of jar and gently message into areas prone to chafing before or after activity. Can be used on on thighs, the underside of arms, and skin creases and folds. Any where skin rubs skin.

Key Ingredients

Image result for lavenderLavender Essential Oil- Hydrates, reduces skin irritations, tones skin, smooths fine lines 

Image result for aloeAloe Extract - Soothes rashes and irritations, hydrates, treats acne, anti-aging, heals and rejuvenates

  Image result for grape seed oil Grape-seed Oil - Antioxidants, light moisturizer, reduces acne, prevents/reduces hyper-pigmentation

Image result for tea tree Tea Tree Essential Oil
-  Lavender has a calming floral scent and is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, relieve pain, improve circulation, and treat various skin disorders (acne, eczema, etc.).


Image result for turmeric Turmeric - Consists of curcumin, which inhibits hyper-pigmentation in skin and naturally fades dark spots over time.


Also Contains: Vitamin E Oil, Corn Starch, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil 

2 oz Jar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mercedes P

Didn't work for me

Anastasia Z
My chub didn’t rub 🤩

Funciona. Evita las molestas quemaduras por fricción. Recomendado.

Kelly V
Highly recommend, really works!

I have been looking for something to help with underboob sweat, especially now that I’m pregnant. It’s been a really hot summer in general but add being pregnant to the mix, terrible lol. I feel it does help a little with slowing sweat down, but the sweat isn’t what bothers me, it’s the horrible rash I get from chaffing. It’s been GONE since within 24 hours of using this!!! I put it on around 7am, and it lasts 24 hours!!! BUY IT

Maliyah G
Good stuff

I cant say enough about this product. I struggle with chafing on my things constantly with shorts, dresses you name it. If there’s not a material between my legs like pants or biker shorts within the hour of walking, playing with my kid, or working the spot where my thighs rub are red, sore. swollen even at times. I mean I’ve even had to wobble around my house after a long day. I have tried everything to prevent this annoying issue from happening deodorant, creams, thigh thingies, vaselines. Nothing works for longer then 20 minutes. Last vacation it was horrible. Any who I just went to Atlantic City for the week and not once did my thighs chafe while there. I got to wear my shorts and my bathing suits and not put biker shorts under my shorts or purchase Capri bathing suits. I put this product on my thighs before leaving the hotel and would reapply it after getting out of the ocean and that was it my friends vwalla. I will be purchasing more of this product as I am sure my thighs won’t stop touching anytime soon.

Abigail O

This product is easy to use and does a good job of preventing chafing the smell is out of this world like cake!

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